This Is How LEGO Super Mario Could Possibly Work

This Is How LEGO Super Mario Could Possibly Work

A few moments ago, Nintendo and the LEGO Group announced LEGO Super Mario, which shows a LEGO Mario that could interact with other objects and enemies in other LEGO Super Mario sets.

Although not many details are known at this time, we could have some idea of how everything works by watching the latest trailer.

Based on the latest trailer, we can tell that LEGO Mario reacts to various objects and enemies thanks to a scanner/camera device hiding between his feet. You can briefly see it glowing at certain parts of the trailer. The scanner/camera device scans something that looks like a QR code, which tells LEGO Mario how to react when he’s stepping on a Goomba or hitting a Question Mark block.

Perhaps what’s more interesting is the fact that LEGO Mario could even react to colored bricks that don’t have a QR code at all – he’s seen “burning” after landing on a set of bricks that represent lava. So the camera could probably do more than just scanning QR codes.

Last but not least, it seems there’s some sort of Bluetooth feature that could connect LEGO Mario to smartphones, which could help in recording scores and provide other features. And LEGO Mario seems to be powered by batteries which are not included with the set.

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