This Nostalgic Pokemon Manga Will Make You Cry

This Nostalgic Pokemon Manga Will Make You Cry

Twitter user and Pokemon fan rierioto recently came up with a short Pokemon manga to celebrate the upcoming releases of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The nostalgic manga was well received by fans in Japan and was even retweeted by Shigeru Ohmori, director of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

See the manga below (translated by NintendoSoup):

Panel 1: “Since the day we encountered each other in ‘that adventure'”

Panel 2: “I have always look forward to our next meeting”

Panel 3: “Even if the surroundings are gone, I will secretly continue alone”

Panel 4: “As you continued to give me encounters to look forward excitingly to in life”

Panel 5: “That adventure…”

Panel 6: “Now”

Panel 6: “I’m ready!”

Panel 7: “I already have a son! Now there are two players.”

Panel 8A – Son: “Mom, do you know about Pokemon?”

Panel 8A – Mom: “Of course!”

Panel 8B – Mom: “Let mom see it, as I’m a veteran trainer.”

Panel 8B – Son: “Amazing!”

Panel 8B: “A new adventure has begun!”

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Thanks, Brandon.