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gb, n, 99, i, qa, 2ds, jt, wcy, svt, 7b, 72b, w9, ah, Three Uta No Prince Sama Games Announced For Nintendo Switch In Japan | NintendoSoup
Three Uta No Prince Sama Games Announced For Nintendo Switch In Japan

Three Uta No Prince Sama Games Announced For Nintendo Switch In Japan

Saotome Gakuen has announced the Uta No Prince Sama series is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan.

The first game, Uta No Prince Sama: Repeat Love, is scheduled to launch at retail and Nintendo eShop on December 19, 2019. Two other titles, Uta No Prince Sama: Amazing Aria & Sweet Serenade LOVE and Uta No Prince Sama: Dolce Vita, will arrive thereafter.

In addition, Uta No Prince Sama: Dolce Vita, which was originally scheduled to be released on PS Vita, is now only coming to Nintendo Switch as support for the PS Vita has winded down.

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