Toby Fox Shares Full Development Update On Deltarune Chapter 2 + English Screenshots

Toby Fox Shares Full Development Update On Deltarune Chapter 2 + English Screenshots

Last week, Famitsu magazine shared a quick update from creator Toby Fox about the development status of Deltarune Chapter 2, along with a few new screenshots.

Today, Toby Fox has shared a much more detailed version of that development update on the game’s official website. There, he elaborates even more about how much progress he has made on Chapter 2 of Deltarune, including a very rough roadmap covering Chapter 2’s estimated completion time and beyond.

He also posted English versions of the screenshots shared in Famitsu:

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You can read some key highlights below, or check out the update in full here.

  • Toby Fox thanked everyone once again for supporting and encouraging him over the past five years since Undertale’s release.
  • He re-confirms that Deltarune will be released in Chapters, and that it will be a lot harder to make than Undertale due to being a lot more complex.
  • As of a few months ago, Toby Fox has completed “eadable outlines for every chapter in the game, including first-pass dialogue for almost all the cutscenes, examples of the music, etc.”
  • Using Deltarune Chapter 1 as a base, they have been working on Chapter 2 since May 2020, and its overall content should be done by the end of this year.
  • Toby Fox has been working with a small team to develop Deltarune, and he is grateful for their help due to severe wrist and hand pain making it difficult for him to work.
  • He has some interest in expanding the current team to include more people, provided they can work well with him and have the right qualifications.

Deltarune Status Estimate (very rough estimates)

  •  Chapter 2 (04.15.20 – 08.13.20)
    • Phase 1: Design
      • Main Design: 100% (dialogue, etc.)
      • Initial Setup: 100% (stuff involved setting up people to make the game, adding debug tools, documentation, etc.)
    • Phase 2: Implementation (05.01.20 ~ 08.13.20)
      • Art: 90%
      • Cutscenes: 80% (90% are started, needs 2nd pass)
      • Bullet Patterns: 70% (enemies are mostly completed, bosses are about 40% done, needs 2nd pass)
      • Non-Bullet Battle Elements: 30% (Some ACTs are done and enemies are fightable, but interactive ACTs need to be completed and polished and the bosses aren’t programmed outside of bullet patterns)
      • Audio: 80%
      • Maps: ??% most are started or placeholder, most need 2nd pass. NPC interactions are completed in all spots where written.
      • Other: 65%
    • Phase 3: Finishing
      • Balancing: 0%
      • Bugfixing: 0%
      • Translation: 0%
      • Porting: 0%
  • Chapters 3 and Beyond
    • Phase 1: Design
      • Story and General Game Progression (first-pass): 100%
      • Cutscene Dialogue (first-pass, lacking cutscene instructions): 95%
      • Map Design (textual): 70% (varies per chapter, earlier chapters totally completed)
      • Map Design (drawn): 0% (this takes a lot of wrist energy so I don’t do it until we start programming)
      • Enemy Design (conceptual): 90% (all bosses are known)
      • Enemy Design (bullets / visual): 80% (varies per chapter, earlier chapters totally completed)
      • Music (concept): 95%
      • Music (completed): 50%
      • Visual Design:
        • BG Concept (first-pass): 75%
        • Important Character, Bosses (first-pass): 100%
    • Phase 2
      • Sprite Art: 20%?
      • Other Content Creation: 0%
    • Phase 3
      • Release Readiness: 0%

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