Tokyo RPG Factory Reveals How Oninaki Ends Up Becoming An Action RPG

Tokyo RPG Factory Reveals How Oninaki Ends Up Becoming An Action RPG

On a recent interview with Famitsu, Tokyo RPG Factory has shared some info tidbits on how Oninaki came to be an action RPG.

As previously reported, Oninaki’s development is currently being helmed by Atsushi Hashimoto and Ryutaro Sasaki, Tokyo RPG Factory’s director and producer, respectively. Both have given a few behind-the-scenes information about the game’s conceptualization.

Here’s what the key persons had to say:

Famitsu: How did it end up becoming an action RPG?

Atsushi Hashimoto, Director: “At first, I tried making an RPG with a lone protagonist. I even threw in a drawing of Dragon Quest I in the drafts [laughs]. Since there wasn’t going to be any party members, I thought about throwing in job elements, and looked into all kinds of things…”

Ryutaro Sasaki, Producer: “So I said ‘Wouldn’t an action RPG be better with this plan?’”

Atsushi Hashimoto: “Even within the team, many have voiced their desire for an action RPG, so it wasn’t like Sasaki-san used his voice of authority, but he simply pushed the discussion. Actually, when making I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, we made it in a way that action RPGs are made, with hit collisions in battle using skill range and such, all so that we could possibly make an action RPG in the future.”

Takashi Tokita, Creative Producer: “Ohh! Now there’s a guy that can get stuff done! [Laughs]

So did you foresee it for third title?

Atsushi Hashimoto: “No, it was by chance [laughs]. However, this new challenge of an action RPG isn’t exactly a start from scratch when it comes to system accumulation and knowhow.”

Ryutaro Sasaki: “Tokyo RPG Factory consists of staff with experience from all kinds of different companies under their belts, including some who’ve made tons of action RPGs, so please look forward to it!”

Tokyo RPG Factory’s latest action RPG Oninaki is slated for Switch release in Summer 2019.