Trainer Customization Detailed For Pokemon Sword And Shield

Trainer Customization Detailed For Pokemon Sword And Shield

During today’s Nintendo Direct, The Pokemon Company shared some new details about Pokemon Sword And Shield‘s trainer customization feature.

As seen in the direct, trainer customization appears to be expanded greatly from previous titles, with even more hairstyles, clothing, makeup, and other options available. At one point, we can see the main female trainer wearing Nessa’s outfit, suggesting that players may be able to buy and wear the outfits for every main NPC trainer in the game.

Check out some more screenshots and details below:

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As you travel, you’ll come across boutiques and hair salons. By visiting them, you can buy new clothes for yourself or change your hairstyle to freshen things up! There are plenty of different clothing items, hairstyles, and even makeup options, so try out different combinations and show the entire Galar region your favorite look!

Boutiques always have a wide selection of items, and they’ll be your go-to spots for trying on and buying new clothes. Boutiques can have outerwear, tops, gloves—you name it! You can mix and match styles in any way you want. Boutiques in different towns and cities have different items for sale, so keep your eyes open for that perfect outfit while you travel.

Salons let you choose your haircut and hair color, style your eyebrows, or even swap out your color contacts! Spice up your adventure by changing your look to match your favorite outfit or the uniform you wear during your Gym Challenge!

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