Travis Strikes Again Creator Challenges The Completionist

Travis Strikes Again Creator Challenges The Completionist

“I challenge you to fully complete Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes! Show me your skills!”

Jirard Khalil the Completionist has finished his 304th game but this time, the creator himself challenged him to it.

This latest video features Goichi Suda, commonly known by the nickname Suda51, the founder of Grasshopper Manufacture and director behind the Travis No More Heroes series.

Suda51 keeps a running dialogue with the Completionist and provides some humorous interactions between the two.

Khalil shares his love for the series in the description as well.

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes is such a joy to play as it draws inspiration from so many games. One thing Suda51 and I have in common is that we love indie games. And the passion and care that went into this vision really shows, and is crazy fun. The Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes game is hard to describe. There’s a wide variety of styles but the core mechanics of the game stay the same. Overall this is a game with another game console inside of it! GAMECEPTION! Allowing Travis Touchdown to play even more video games, shaking up the gameplay. Hey, if this interested you, just letting you know that No More Heroes is on the Nintendo Switch and the No More Heroes DLC is coming out! If it sells well who knows, we may end up getting No More Heroes 3.

What do you think about this collaboration? Are there any video game creators you would like to see team up with Youtubers?

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