Two New Pikachu Themed World Record Made

Two New Pikachu Themed World Record Made

The world famous electric mouse, Pikachu, has inspired many products, performances, arts, and now two impressive world records.

The first record, 1000 passionate fans came together to make form a picture of Pikachu, which can be seen from up high. Although eventually only 994 of the participants were included in the record due to various reasons.

The record was awarded on the 14 December 2017 as “Largest human image of a Pokemon character”. You can read more about the award here.

The next record is awarded to British balloon sculpted Tom Kent. Kent was awarded the Guinness Book of World Record for the largest Balloon Costume. That is right a wearable balloon costume, and of Pikachu.

The whole balloon costume stands at 262cm tall and 159cm wide, taking Kent more than 10 hours and multiple attempts to make. You can read more about Kent’s award here.