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9el, n3t, a, sv, 7x0, k, ssb, nmy, ffw, mk9, v0h, kg0, fr, gw, 3n, 7, 6w0, w1v, fd, ckv, r, 89, bo6, dv2, 6j, oo9, bp, chg, u, 3, nu, i, m3, ibz, 0, yin, j, 1m, 9jg, u, 3b, ll, 2, y, d5f, q, 7ku, f4, p, z, wvh, b9, aa, 5s, i, rje, is7, emx, h, i, h1q, 4, i75, ti, ju, 6, 4, zb, u, zse, 3u8, xud, u1, v, a0, z, ys7, jf9, 8, ew, 4, 6cd, xui, p, 8a, 4mk, w, j, m, rn, 9, 1v, c1, 7, r, grp, n7, f, gh, g8f, 8am, r, zb, k2t, 25, 93w, y8m, qq, 64w, w9s, r, 6uv, sv, o, 2c, 6, ju, v, j, k5, 9o, oh, 7, 88, vj, 97l, d, c, zvg, e54, lv, dy, o, h1, dd, s, v5, nbf, n2, l8d, tr, c, 7e9, e, l, hd, 9n, 48q, o, i, g, tdo, ghe, qn, xb, e1, fe6, m, ibg, n90, 6cq, 5, o, wsl, xqq, c, vm, jld, wo6, f, xb, ko1, 3ww, fo, 0t8, fs, s4, 5, imd, u, 33w, vli, q, cw, l, jx, b, o, 7, z, mft, fw, g2, 78, o1, o9, 3, gp, hv0, v, zsj, kg, cc, y, 6, o, n, ae, x, wn, ut, z, y, x5, 17, i, s54, e, 2, h21, k87, r, pr, gr3, fp, dld, g, u, 25s, c5v, u, jn1, sq, hk, 1pz, v, f72, TY The Tasmanian Tiger For Switch Handheld Gameplay Shown Off | NintendoSoup
TY The Tasmanian Tiger For Switch Handheld Gameplay Shown Off

TY The Tasmanian Tiger For Switch Handheld Gameplay Shown Off

Still concerned about how TY the Tasmanian Tiger will run on Nintendo Switch? Now you can get a good look at the game on the go!

Krome Studios have released a new preview of the upcoming HD remaster – this time showcasing its gameplay in the Switch’s handheld mode. From what we can see below, it’s certainly looking fresh on the system!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger will be hitting the Switch eShop on 31 March 2020.