Valentine’s 10% Off Sale Kicks Off At NintendoSoup Store

Valentine’s 10% Off Sale Kicks Off At NintendoSoup Store

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, NintendoSoup Store is kicking off a special Valentine’s 10% off sale this week!

By applying the coupon code VALEN2019 at checkout, you will receive 10% off eligible products. The 10% discount applies to all eligible items added to your cart, regardless of the quantity ordered. The coupon code could be used once per customer.

Here are the products part of the sale:

G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Mew & Mewtwo Figure

This is a high quality figure featuring Mew and Mewtwo in an intense battle! Product discontinued in Japan.

Famicom Controllers for Nintendo Switch

A pair of official wireless Famicom controllers that could only be purchased by Nintendo Switch Online members living in Japan.

Eevee X Tamagotchi: Colorful Friends Version

Feed, play, and evolve Eevee in the latest Eevee X Tamagotchi crossover product!

NintendoSoup Store’s Valentine’s 10% Off Sale begins February 11, 2019 and ends February 17, 2019 11:59pm Japan Standard Time.