Vibrant Anime-Action RPG ‘Dusk Diver’ Out Now On Switch In Europe, Japan, Launch Trailer Released

Vibrant Anime-Action RPG ‘Dusk Diver’ Out Now On Switch In Europe, Japan, Launch Trailer Released

JFI Games and PQube has released the launch trailer for the vibrant action-RPG, Dusk Diver, on Switch!

The anime-styled action game is now available both physically and digitally in Europe and Japan. The game will launch, however, on October 29 in North America.

Check out the trailer and details below:

Walk between dimensions in this vibrant anime-action RPG! Fight alongside your guardians against the agents of chaos in the Shadowy alternate dimension of Youshanding. In the human realm, boost your combat attributes by exploring the bustling streets of Taipei, trying local delicacies and forming relationships with the colourful inhabitants.

The gorgeous Dusk Diver Day One Edition on PS4 or Nintendo Switch comes with a high quality art book and 7 character badges housed in an exclusive Day One Edition box!


The anime action-game is based in Taipei’s iconic Ximending district and takes the Musou genre to the next level. Additionally, Japanese voice actress Kate Mizukiri of sound studio Kotori Voice Inc. will not only play one of the characters, but also perform the exclusive cooperation song “Sensen Shoujo!”

Dusk Diver is being locally developed in Taiwan and the first game to capture the vibrant and exciting lifestyle of Ximending district, one of the country’s most popular tourist locations. The story starts at Exit 6 of the MRT station Ximending, showing a recreation of its streets in a realistic but fantasized world, rendered in beautiful anime style. From there on, players follow ordinary high school student Yang Yumo and experience her fantasy action adventure through Ximending and Youshanding, a mirror world with two faces.

The special collaboration track “Sensen Shoujo,” sang by Kate Mizukiri, is about the world as seen through the character’s eyes. It is produced by Kotori Voice Inc. and composed by shade, a successful composer for games such as Rance VII – Sengoku Rance and Azur Lane. On top of that, the team cast a very talented selection of Taiwanese and Japanese voice actors to breathe life into the unique characters.

Key Features

  • Play as Resolute High-Schooler Yang Yumo – Her spiritual powers are awoken when phantoms appear in the neighborhood.
  • Walk Between Two Dimensions – An unpredictable rift connects the worlds of mortal humans and phantoms together. It’s up to you to defend the human realm!
  • Vanquish Enemies with a Dynamic Action-Oriented Combat System – Chain up light and heavy attacks, create powerful combos and accummulate power to unleash the devestating D.ARMS combat mode.
  • Summon and Fight Alongside Multiple Guardians – Powerful gods who can unleash ultimate attacks for a wider variety of combat strategies.
  • Immerse Yourself in the City – Boost attributes by exploring stores, tasting local delicacies and forming bonds with your guardians.
  • A Cast of Prominent Voice Actors – Including Rina Sato (Persona 5, Bleach, Ao no Exorcist) voicing the heroine Yang Yumo.
  • A Unique Taipei Neighborhood, Vividly Recreated – Powered by Unreal Engine bringing the bustling Ximending district and its inhabitants, to life with gorgeous visuals and battle sequences.