Video: How Street Fighter II’s CPU Cheats To Win

Video: How Street Fighter II’s CPU Cheats To Win

If you’ve ever played a fighting game, you’ve probably encountered a CPU opponent that seems almost impossible to defeat, almost as if they have some kind of unfair advantage against you.

Out of many classic fighting games, the CPU opponents in Street Fighter II are particularly memorable for this. Now, YouTuber Desk has published a video exposing some of the unfair powers and abilities the developers programmed into Street Fighter II‘s CPUs that made them such frustrating opponents to fight against. These powers include:

  • Unblockable Attacks
  • Quicker recovery from being stunned
  • Faster charge attacks
  • Turning invincible whenever it wants
  • Unbreakable holds
  • Access to God Mode

Check out the video below for the full breakdown:

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