Villain Boss Pikachu Merchandise Coming Jan 20 To Pokemon Center

Villain Boss Pikachu Merchandise Coming Jan 20 To Pokemon Center

UPDATE: Buy them here!

The Pokemon Company has officially confirmed today the release date for Pokemon Center’s highly anticipated Villain Boss Pikachu merchandise. The lineup of products will be released on January 20.

Villain Boss Pikachu features Pikachu wearing outfits of leaders of the Pokemon teams that have appeared throughout the Pokemon universe, such as Giovanni (Team Rocket), Archie (Team Aqua), Maxie (Team Magma), Cyrus (Team Galactic), Ghetsis (Team Plasma), Lysandre (Team Flare), and Guzma (Team Skull).

Here’s a look at the products, most of which we have never seen before.

First and foremost are the Villain Boss Pikachu plushies.

Releasing alongside them are Legendary Pokemon that Team Rainbow Rocket wishes to capture.

Exclusive to Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan are these mini figurines, which can only be obtained via capsule machines.

Villain Boss Pikachu merchandise will be available to import from Amazon Japan starting January 20, 2018. We will give you a heads up on our site and social media pages once that happens.

Full product list and images can be found below.

Colorful Ramune Candy Collection Villain Boss Pikachu 380 yen
※7 types. Blind packet (random design)
Plush Villain Boss Pikachu RR(R/M/A/G/P/F/S) 2,000 yen each(★)
Plush Legendary Pokemon RR(Mewtwo/Groudon/Kyogre/Dialga/Palkia/Reshiram/Zekrom/Yveltal/Xerneas/Golisopod) 2,300 yen each(★)
Assorted Stickers Villain Boss Pikachu RR 500 yen(★)
Acrylic Clip 7 in a Set Villain Boss Pikachu RR 900 yen(★)
Ankle Socks (Pick 3 socks) Villain Boss Pikachu RR(R/M/A/G/P/F/S)
※Size:23㎝~25㎝ 1,000 yen
Clear File Villain Boss Pikachu RR 240 yen
Soft Jacket iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Villain Boss Pikachu RR 1,880 yen(★)
FRIXION BALL 3 Villain Boss Pikachu RR 900 yen
Figure Collection Villain Boss Pikachu RR 300 yen(tax included)
※You can purchase this via the Capsule Machine at Pokemon Center in Japan. Random design will be dispensed.

Items marked with(★)can be purchased on Amazon Japan.

All items exclusive of 8% sales tax