Watch The First Episode Of The Making Of Little Dragons Cafe

Watch The First Episode Of The Making Of Little Dragons Cafe

Aksys Games has uploaded the first episode of Youtube series The Making of Little Dragons Cafe.

In the new video series, Harvest Moon and Little Dragons Cafe series creator Yasuhiro Wada discusses with director and writer Tomio Kanazawa about the game’s development.

Check it out below.

Yasuhiro Wada – creator of Little Dragons Café Episode One: “In the very beginning…”

Wada: In the very beginning, Little Dragon’s Café wasn’t a game about dragons. It was about the people who visit the café. People from all walks of life come and go… And in the middle of all that, you can feel the character’s emotions; good ones and bad ones. The end product we were aiming for was… how should I put it… This soothing atmosphere where you would feel good just to be there. But I think this game has something that can connect me with everyone else in the world.

Tomio Kanazawa (director and writer, 7’scarlet): Wada does brainstorm a lot before his games. And the same goes with 7’scarlet.

Wada: So I asked the director of 7’scarlet, Kanazawa right here, to somehow work his magic. Then he said to me “That’s not a ‘catchy’ idea is it? I mean, I know what you’re trying to do there but… isn’t it a bit bland?” I didn’t think it was bland at all! I thought this was all this game needed. He then went on, “I just think there has to be something in the game that everyone can relate to, you know?” I was like “What are you talking about?” But I understood where he’s coming from. And that’s when the idea of a dragon came about; why not raise a dragon? I DO like Dragon Quest and Puzzle and Dragon… So maybe there’s something to the idea of a dragon that’s catchy. Then I realized that I have been trying to make games that are equal parts my idea, and also what the player will enjoy. Because I really want everyone to play it. And it’s thanks to Kanazawa that I realized that. (Laughter)