WayForward Joins The Bloodstained Development Team

WayForward Joins The Bloodstained Development Team

WayForward, the studio that makes the popular Shantae games, has been roped in to assist development for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

With the help of WayForward, Igarashi believes his vision for Bloodstained would be realized. Either way, this is good and exciting news for Bloodstained fans as we now know the game is in safe hands.

See the full message below:

For this month’s update, we have an incredible support who will be joining the Bloodstained team. Can you guess who? It’s WayForward!

That’s right, WayForward, the makers of Shantae! As you may already know, they are top-tier when it comes to side-scrolling action games. There is even a staff member who previously worked on one of my projects, which is incredibly encouraging.

In consideration of their past achievements, WayForward will be helping the development team realize my vision for this game. Maybe I am even more excited than everyone else – with their help Bloodstained will become an even better game.

Bloodstained is scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2019.