There Will Be Another Nintendo World Championships In The Future

There Will Be Another Nintendo World Championships In The Future

The Nintendo World Championships have finally concluded this year, and now many are wondering when the next competition would take place.

IGN spoke to Nintendo of America’s Doug Bowser to talk about the chances of another Nintendo World Championships happening in the future, as well as Nintendo’s take on the difference between eSports and “competitive fun”.

Check out Doug Bowser’s full comments below.

If we look a the spectrum, esport is really on one extreme…and on the very other side of the spectrum you’ve got what we call competitive fun. I still classify us in this competitive fun range because we do want to make sure our content is accessible with hardware. And I think we’ve really done that with Switch. We’ve got great content on the device, more to come obviously since we’re in the early stages. But we think that allows us to promote that competitive fun.

We’ll learn from each one of these events and determine how` we can do it better the next time. Can’t guarantee it’ll be the next year or the year after but clearly we know that it is a format that works, that’s very popular, not only amongst the players but amongst viewers. So we’ll learn a lot from this round and then determine what this looks like next. There’s a lot we can do.