World’s Best Pokemon GO Player Banned By Niantic

World’s Best Pokemon GO Player Banned By Niantic

If you’ve been playing Pokemon GO, you may have heard of a trainer called Brandon Tan, which many Pokemon GO influencers have proclaimed as the “world’s best Pokemon GO player”. His job is to play Pokemon GO everyday.

What many do not know about the “world’s best Pokemon GO player” is that he has been breaking the rules for a very long time. To name a few, Tan has been openly selling Pokemon for as much as USD400, which is a no-no on the Pokemon GO terms of service. Another rule Tan has consistently broken is the multiple account rule – trainers are not allowed to use 2 or more accounts. Tan reportedly owns over 5 Pokemon GO accounts.

While Tan has been under the radar for two years, his Pokemon GO days might be numbered – Niantic has suspended his account. This comes several days after Tan asked followers to retweet his “Mewtwo service”.

Trainers in the Pokemon GO community are divided over Tan’s suspension – some admire him for his dedication and are defending his actions, while others are happy to see that Niantic has finally taken action against the rule-breaker.

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