WWE Raw Match Gets Sponsored By Nintendo Switch

WWE Raw Match Gets Sponsored By Nintendo Switch

Smash Bros. Ultimate might not be out just yet but Nintendo is still bringing the fight… to WWE wrestling.

This week’s episode of WWE Raw featured a match that was specifically sponsored by Nintendo Switch.

In a tweet from GoNintendo you can see the a clip from WWE Raw where an announcer can be heard saying “…courtesy of Nintendo Switch,” before most of the screen is filled by a Switch commerical.

The minute long commercial plays out as the actual match is reduced to fill a corner of the screen. As the commercial plays and shows a family playing a variety of games such as “Super Mario Party” and “Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee!”. There’s a screen to the left that displays the cover of the game being featured, presumably to people recognize the games.

Watch the video of the commercial over on GoNintendo’s Twitter account.