Yo-Kai Watch Jam: Yo-Kai Academy Y Website Revamped, New Commercial Shared

Yo-Kai Watch Jam: Yo-Kai Academy Y Website Revamped, New Commercial Shared

Level-5 has released a new commercial for Yo-Kai Watch Jam: Yo-Kai Academy Y, as well as revamped the game’s website with more details.

The official website for the game now contains more elaborate overviewworldcharacterbattle, and video pages. You can check out a translation of the highlights (via Gematsu) as well as watch the new commercial below:

■ A Day in the Life of an Academy Y Student

  • Head to School – Head to the main school building from the student dormitory. Make sure not to oversleep!
  • Class Time – After you get to the main school building, it is time for class. Study hard!
  • Freestyle Time – When class is over, it is Freestyle Time, allowing you to do whatever you like. Make the most of your free time!
  • School Day Ends  – Return to the student dormitory before curfew.
  • Nighttime – If all that playing has made you sleepy, then rest up. But that is not all you can do…

School Life

  • Make friends.
  • Gather friends.
  • Get involved in events.
  • etc.


  • Secret places.
  • Dungeons.
  • Seek out onryo.
  • etc.

School at Night

  • At night, the school is full of onryo. By sneaking out of the student dormitory, you can stealthily explore the school…

■ Academy City

  • Academy Area – The area where facilities necessary for student learning such as the main school building and gymnasium are located.
  • Industrial Area – An area crowded with factories. And even some dangerous places…
  • Residential Area – The student living area where the student dormitory and park are located. Some students appear to live in separate houses.
  • Natural Area – An area rich in nature, including a desert and forest.
  • Business Area – From a huge supermarket to individual shops, this is the area to shop.
  • Y-Circle – A mysterious building that suddenly appeared during the construction of the academy 30 years ago. It remains unknown who established it or what it is for, and is currently one of the school’s biggest mysteries.

Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y launches for Switch this Summer in Japan.

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