Zap Away as Pikachu with Snapchat Lens!

Zap Away as Pikachu with Snapchat Lens!

Some of you might be familiar with Snapchat Lens, the same technology that can turn you into little puppies. While some of you might also be familiar with Pikachu, Pokemon’s de facto mascot. Now you can use Snapchat Lens to turn yourself into Pikachu.

The Pokémon Company has partnered with Snap Inc. to launch a custom Pikachu Snapchat Lens for a limited time. Starting today, Snapchat users and Pokémon fans who use the Lens will see Pikachu’s ears, nose, and bright-red cheeks appear over their face. Then, they can open their mouth to hear Pikachu’s iconic voice as it jumps onto the screen and strikes a pose.

Seeing as to how the iconic yellow mouse Pokemon is popular worldwide, there will be no doubt that many will readily swap the dog licking lens for a Pikachu one!

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