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43, Zombie Night Terror Physical Release Announced By Warned Collectors | NintendoSoup
Zombie Night Terror Physical Release Announced By Warned Collectors

Zombie Night Terror Physical Release Announced By Warned Collectors

Warned Collectors has revealed their next limited physical release for Nintendo Switch – Zombie Night Terror.

Zombie Night Terror will be available for pre-order starting March 13 for EUR29,99. The game ships on June 5, 2019. Only 3000 copies will be produced.

Check out the details and boxart below:

Zombie Night Terror is a puzzle game like taking cause of the zombies. Between Night Of The Leaving Dead from Romero and The Lemmings, the game developped by NoClip Studio take us through 50 levels with an artistic direction oriented full pixel art. Spread terror and enrol more zombies into your undead army.
Noclip is an independent game studio based in Marseille, France. The studio was founded in 2015 by four developers (two programmers and two artists) who met while working for a mobile game developer. When they were made redundant they decided to continue to work together on a lemmings-type game with zombies. After two years in development.
What do you think? You can pre-order Zombie Night Terror here.