A 2-Week Old Leak Accurately Matches The Recent Pokemon Direct, Contains More Unrevealed Details

A 2-Week Old Leak Accurately Matches The Recent Pokemon Direct, Contains More Unrevealed Details

A number of Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks have been popping up on the internet, but this particular leak is right on the money.

Over on ResetEra and Reddit, leaks have been posted mere hours prior the recent Pokemon Direct. Both leaks apparently state the same points such as wild Pokemon moving in the overworld, an “open world” area, raid battles, and the November 15th release date – which now have all been confirmed.

However, there’s this two-week old leak in 4Chan which had its very specific details match up with the recent Pokemon Direct. The leaked details specifically mention the new characters – Hop, Sonia, and Leon – who were all revealed correct. There’s also the new Dynamaxing mechanic, Wooloo, and the description of the legendaries – all accurately detailed in the leak. The Wild Area was also described as well as the raids.

That said, this leak still has more specific details not yet revealed in the previous Direct. We’ll list them all here but be warned, it may contain possible spoilers.

Please do not proceed if you don’t like spoilers.


Below are the details:

-Your rival is named Hop, but you will also be facing of against Bede and Marnie

-Team Yell is the gang in this game, who are well meaning fans of Marnie causing trouble

-To become part of the gym challenge, you will have to get an endorsement. Bede gets an endorsement from Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana

-Eternatus is the evil legendary. The other legendary will be a wolf, who will either have a shield mane or hold a sword like Great Wolf Sif. Don’t recall its name

-Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing are new dynamics that will supersize pokemon in specific areas. Gigantamaxing is different from dynamax as it changes what the Pokemon looks like. Meowth looks like a long cat. Lapras gets layers like musical bars to its shell and music notes. Pikachu looks like retro fat pikachu

-Sonia is Leon’s former rival who is researching the dynamax phenomenon at the behest of her grandmother and professor of the game

-Some pokemon, like Farfetchd, will get regional evolutions, like Sirfetchd. Meowth looks like a ball of spiky grey fur.

-Skwovet and Greedunt iirc are chipmunk pokemon whol will hide in berry trees and attack randomly if you shake for too many berries. If they attack, you lose half of the berries that dropped

-The fourth gym is the first Fairy type gym, led by an actress named Opal. Milo, Nessa, and Kabu are the first ones

-Before fighting the gym leaders, you have to complete the gym challenges:
1. Milo has you herding sheep pokemon named Wooloo, but Pamper, electric corgi pokemon, will startle them and send them rolling elsewhere
2. Nessa has you running through a maze where water blocks the way
3. Kabu requires you to catch pokemon and get 5 points, byt you have to be in a party battle with another trainer who’s also trying to catch it

-While there is a transit system, you will have to go through the Wild Area at times, an open world biome that has a weather system and little pockets where will pokemon dynamax and have to be beaten in for a person raid. You will randomly see nearby players and interact with them to get their league cards and items

-Camping is how you play with pokemon now. You’ll get two toys, a feather toy and toy pokeball, which can raise friendship. You can make curry which will raise stats and friendliness

-Pokemon will not walk besides you in the overworld map

-Scorbunny will have fighting moves, but is pure fighter (may have meant “pure fire” ?). It becomes Raboot, but I don’t remember the final evolution, except that it looks like a fighter. It looks humanoid.

-Sobble becomes Sizzle and then Intelleon, a chameleon with a spy theme

-Grookey will end up as a giant gorilla that beats a wood drum to attack

You may also watch GameXplain’s coverage of the leak below:

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