A Conversation With Dead By Daylight Publishers Deep Silver

A Conversation With Dead By Daylight Publishers Deep Silver

While we weren’t able to try out the version of the game on Switch, Deep Silver gave us some insight into the evolution of the game so far and what to expect when it comes to Switch.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game where survivors team up against killers to make it through the night. The lone killer has to catch and murder the four survivors before they escape in order to win.

The game features famous survivors and killers from horror movie franchises such as Halloween, Saw, and Nightmare on Elm Street. They each have their own unique abilities and skills which reference the franchise that they’re from.

One of the issues that they talked about was bringing the game to consoles. Dead by Daylight first started on PC and then came to Xbox and PS4. Crossplay was implemented immediately between console and PC which resulted in tough matches for the new players who were joining on consoles.

Which is why with the Switch, publisher Deep Silver decided to not implement crossplay immediately between Switch players and pre-existing players on other consoles and PC.

Once the new players on Switch build their knowledge base and experience with the game then crossplay will likely become an option.

Besides being aware of the dangers that combining different players bases poses, Deep Silver also talked to us about players have communicated to the developers in terms in game features.

These include cosmetics, new modes, and of course, more survivors and killers.

One of the main components of the game that I admired was the win condition isn’t binary as Deep Silver explained to us. Does a killer”win” if they kill just one person? Or half of the survivors? There are different outcomes and a variety of satisfaction levels for both survivors and killers at the end of each match.

If we see the game come to Switch for the same price of $20 USD, I would be happy to see this type of game come to the eShop given its level of strategy, teamwork, and horror genre combination which make an uncommon and intriguing title for the Switch.

Dead by Daylight comes to Switch on September 24th of this year.