First Impression Of Super Crush KO Demo At E3

First Impression Of Super Crush KO Demo At E3

“Bayonetta meets The Messenger in this new platformer from Vertex Pop.”

Super Crush KO is a kinetic, fast-paced brawler set in a vibrant, near-future city. Zip up your favourite neon jacket and combo your way through swarms of deadly robots to save your kidnapped kitten and, while you’re at it, save humanity from an AI apocalypse.

During E3, I got the chance to sit down with Vertex Pop to try out their upcoming game, Super Crush KO. This is an exciting upcoming title for Nintendo Switch and Steam releasing in 2020.

The story and art feels very much like a comic book and lets the player have fun while feeling powerful.

Super Crush KO combines “run and gun” momentum with “Beat them up”action and it’s amazing. I was only able to play for 20 minutes but it flew by and I could have played for much longer.

All of the movements and attacks felt so intuitive. It was like picking up a character in Super Smash Bros. because almost every input would result in a move like the ones below.
Twister Drill

Uppercut Slice

Air Pop
Ground Shake
Each move has a delicious treat as an icon and feels satisfying to complete as you wreck robots in front, above, below, and behind you.

The comparison that immediately came to mind was a character I had first met in Smash, Bayonetta. And then it hit me. Super Crush KO is like Bayonetta meets The Messenger.

The Messenger brings the platforming action and focus on precision as you navigate danger at every turn. You have to keep moving and slashing to stay alive with the game rewarding you for momentum.

Bayonetta, however, offers some brawling action with a ton of options in how you defeat enemies. It has big, showy gameplay with crazy moves that let you destroy several foes at once.

Super Crush KO combines these elements incredibly well. There are still stakes in keeping your main character alive but you can have fun with flashy moves and fast paced action.

I’m very excited to see how this game develops and eager to try out it when comes to Switch next year. Super Crush KO comes to Switch in early 2020.