An Unanounced Ubisoft IP Titled Roller Champions Has Surfaced

An Unanounced Ubisoft IP Titled Roller Champions Has Surfaced

It seems that a brand new unanounced IP from Ubisoft titled Roller Champions has surfaced online with Twitter user @New_WabiSabi sharing some gameplay footage and even some screenshots.

Check them out below:

We have also received information that  private test for the game was conducted on May 7th with another one possibly taking place in the next few days.

Check out some asset files from the private test:

.E3 Demo logo discovered which confirms an E3 announcement from Ubisoft.

.Banner staring one of the playable characters.

.Screenshot of some early gameplay footage.

.Assets for a Nintendo Switch controller layout have been found which confirms the game will be heading to to Switch (below is for Xbox).

.There will be quick play matches, ranked matches, custom matches and tournaments you can select from on the main menu.

.The sound options menu allows you to change certain aspects such as the crowd, music, voices, sound effects and even includes a streamer mode.

.The gameplay options menu has 2 aiming modes (Price and Flick) and will allow you to alter the X and Y sensitivity.

.Game will be online only as it immediately searches for a server.

.There will be licensed tracks in the game with songs such as Don’t wanna lose.

.Here is the loading footage:

.Here is a main menu picture from SpielTimes and they report that the game will run in Unity:

.The game will feature an animal mascot similar to the Llama in Fortnite:


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