Sakurai Repeats That Goku Will Not Appear In The Super Smash Bros Series

Sakurai Repeats That Goku Will Not Appear In The Super Smash Bros Series

Recently, Masahiro Sakurai released a new book in Japan which has now been translated by Ayumi Tachibana on the Smash Boards.

Here is a roundup of the details.

-In his book, he acknowledged fans wanting many popular characters such as Goku or Iron Man but stated that the series is strictly restricted to video game characters.

-Sakurai further mentioned that during the DLC releases for Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS, the 3DS version could only be updated a couple of times which is why Roy, Lucas and Ryu were added at the same time.

-He did also talk about how when he makes a new game, he always treats it as if it was its last in its series to make sure him and his team do the best they can during development.

-It was shared that the original plans for Super Smash Bros Ultimate were completed on December 16th 2015 on the day of a Nintendo Direct. In addition he talked about how he played a lot of Breath Of The Wild for 2 days in order to decide Link’s moveset.

-The book also confirmed that the reason HAL laboratory was included in the game’s credits but wasnt part of development was for them to try avoid any leaks before E3 with methods such as avoiding using printed material.

-Sakurai has confirmed there are no balance changes coming to the game as in March 2019 he has came to the conclusion the game was well balanced.


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