Bandai’s Latest Pokemon PC Cushion is the Substitute Doll

Bandai’s Latest Pokemon PC Cushion is the Substitute Doll

A new face is entering Bandai’s Pokemon PC Cushion lineup, but it’s not a Pokemon.

The Substitute Doll, a defensive move used in the Pokemon video games, is this year’s Pokemon PC Cushion. PC Cushions are large plushies which you can hug while working or playing on your desktop PC. Every PC Cushion comes with its own “keyboard plush”, so it ain’t going to laze around while you’re churning out a report.

That doesn’t mean the Substitute Doll has to be with its keyboard all the time. If you’re feeling lonely, give it a big hug.

There are some other use cases for the Substitute Doll too, such as going to work on your behalf…

..or sleeping on your behalf.. (aw, isn’t it super ADORABLE!)

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This isn’t the first time the Substitute Doll is getting merchandise attention. The Pokemon Center released a huge ton of Substitute merchandise over the recent years, and even a Substitute Pikachu Costume Plush which made everyone go bonkers.

The Substitute Doll PC Cushion launches in Japan in October 2017. You can now pre-order one for yourself for 5,616 yen on the official Bandai website by clicking here. There are other Pokemon PC Cushions available such as Pikachu, Eevee, and Meowth as well, which can be found here.