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‘Bowsette’ Searches On YouPorn Have Grown By 5,849%

‘Bowsette’ Searches On YouPorn Have Grown By 5,849%

It seems like the internet love for fan-made character Bowsette / Princess Bowser has risen to a new level.

Search queries for ‘Bowsette’ on Adult site YouPorn have now grown by over 5800%, according to the company. The jump seems to have taken place within just two days, from 23 to 25 September.

The brand new fan-made character “Bowsette” is all the internet is interested in right now, the mayhem began with a Mario comic that then inspired a huge increase of searches for the new star on YouPorn.

On Monday, September 24th searches for “Bowsette” increased by 2900 %. The curiosity for users only grew larger yesterday with an increase of 5849%.

The actual increase isn’t really significant at all (at 60 searches a day), but it’s still pretty hilarious that we’ve arrived at this point in human history now. The only question is when the ‘Bowsette’ craze will finally settle down.

At least Super Mario’s Toad is no longer alone in this bizarre situation.