Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights Revealed For Mobile

Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights Revealed For Mobile

Bravely Default fans will soon be able to enjoy the beloved JRPG series on the go!

Square Enix has announced Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights for iOS and Android. As of now, a release date has yet to be revealed, and whether the game will be released outside of Japan has not been confirmed as well.

Check out the reveal trailer along with some details on the game:


Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights is the latest smartphone entry in the Bravely series, whose total worldwide shipments and digital sales have surpassed over three million units since the release of the original Bravely Default in 2012. It is an RPG featuring both original characters and popular returning characters from throughout the series.

The Series’ Familiar Battle System Optimized for Smartphones

The series’ turn-based command battles, which use its trademark “Brave & Default” battle system, have been optimized for smartphones for the first time. Enjoy unique and strategic battles using the series’ familiar system.

An Original Story Where Various Worlds Cross Over

The story is written by Keiichi Ajiro, who has worked on the scenario for other entries in the Bravely series. Players can enjoy an original story where various worlds in the Bravely series cross over.

We will report back on this title as more information on it is released, so stay tuned!