Capcom Enters eSports Industry In Japan

Capcom Enters eSports Industry In Japan

With eSports garnering greater prominence in the Sporting world. Especially since eSports is now an official game in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, and possibly the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Capcom has announced that it will go into the eSports business.

Starting in Japan, Capcom will establish Capcom eSports Club to develop the gaming community. It also intends to hold “high-level” eSports event in Japan.

As such, Capcom announced it will focus on the esports business in Japan, and begin holding esports competitions utilizing the Street Fighter series. To start, on February 17 Capcom will establish the Capcom Esports Club as a communications base at its Plaza Capcom arcade in Kichijoji in order to develop the player community; with this foothold, Capcom has plans to expand nationally to its other arcades, and to hold future qualifying tournaments for Pro License certification. Further, in conjunction with the Capcom Pro Tour, held by U.S.-based subsidiary Capcom U.S.A., Capcom will hold a high-level event called the Capcom Pro Tour Japan Premier Tournament at the 2018 Tokyo Game Show. Capcom plans to offer Pro Licenses to the winners of this event.

All of these are big ambitions for the company in an industry that can largely be regarded in its infancy. You can read more about Capcom’s ambitions in their press release here.

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