Closer Look Inside The Japanese Version Of Sonic Mania Plus And Its Soundtrack

Closer Look Inside The Japanese Version Of Sonic Mania Plus And Its Soundtrack

SEGA has released the original soundtrack list and images of Sonic Mania Plus’ retail release in Japan.

The Japanese version comes with a copy of the game, alternate cover artwork, original soundtrack (2 discs with 54 tracks altogether), and art book.

Here are the list of songs on each disc.

Disc 1

Re-imagined Tracks

1.Flying Battery Zone Act 1
2.Flying Battery Zone Act 2
3.Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1
4.Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2
5.Hydro City Zone Act 1
6.Hydro City Zone Act 2
7.Lava Reef Zone Act 1
8.Lava Reef Zone Act 2
9.Metallic Madness Zone Act 1
10.Metallic Madness Zone Act 2
11.Vs. Metal Sonic
12.Eggman Mean Bean
13.Blue Spheres
14.Stage Clear
15.Angel Island Cutscene
18.Game Over

Sonic Mania Plus Additional Tracks

19.Double Take – Encore Save Select Cutscene
20.Trap Tower – Pinball Bonus Stage
21.Back In Action – Mighty&Ray
22.Angel Island Zone

Bonus Tracks

23.Time Trials
25.Time Trials Plus(feat. Jun Senoue)

Disc 2

Original Tracks

1.Discovery – Title Screen
2.Lights, Camera, Action!- Studiopolis Zone Act 1
3.Prime Time – Studiopolis Zone Act 2
4.Tabloid Jargon – Press Garden Zone Act 1
5.Blossom Haze – Press Garden Zone Act 2
6.Skyway Octane – Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST Mix
7.Wildstyle Pistolero – Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 K Mix
8.Rogues Gallery – Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2
9.Built to Rule – Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1
10.Steel Cortex – Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2
11.Danger on the Dance Floor – Mid-Boss 26 Head 2 Head – Versus Mode
12.Ruby Delusions – Eggman Boss 1 27 The Winner!- Competition Results
13.Havoc Prognosis – Eggman Boss 2 28 Countdown to Continue
14.Hi-Spec Robo Go!- Hard Boiled Heavy Boss
15.Ruby Illusions – Final Boss
16.Egg Reverie – Egg Reverie Zone
17.Egg Panicky – Egg Reverie Zone Pinch Mode(soundtest only)
18.Dimension Heist – UFOSpecial Stage
19.Rise of the Icon – Sonic Mania Alternate Intro
20.Comfort Zone – Main Menu
21.Sunshine Cassette – Save Select
22.Who’s the boss?- Hard Boiled Heavies Mischief Scene
23.Undefeated – Invincibility
24.The Blur – Speed Shoes
25.Glimmering Gift – Super Transformation
29.Guided Tour – Credits

Pre-orders for the Japanese version are currently live on Amazon Japan and ship worldwide.

Sonic Mania Plus launches July 19, 2018 on Nintendo Switch in Japan, and July 17 in the west.