Cotton Reboot Announced For Switch

Cotton Reboot Announced For Switch

Japanese company Sangatu Usagi no Mori has announced a reboot of the classic arcade shoot-em-up Cotton for release on PC and consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

Tentatively titled Cotton Reboot, this new game in the Cotton series is based on the version released on the X68000 Japanese Home Computer in 1993. Development will be handled by Sangatu Usagi no Mori’s game division Beep, who is also planning to re-release the original X68000 version of Cotton as a physical floppy disk for the system.

Unfortunately, no release date was given for Cotton Reboot or the re-release of the original game. We will be sure to bring you that information as it comes. In the meantime, check out an overview of the original Cotton below, courtesy of Mobygames:

Cotton is a 2D side-scrolling shooter in which the player takes the role of the young witch Cotton, who sets out on her magical broom on a quest to get her favorite candy. Fortunately for us her obsession gets her in the way of several world-threatening terrors that she must destroy in standard shooter fare.

The game features an experience-earning system in which the more enemies the player kills the more he can upgrade his weapon by collecting power crystals. Players can also charge their weapon for special attacks and enlist the aid of Silk, Cotton’s magical fairy friend who can form up in different “option” configurations.

More information about the games can also be found on the Cotton series 40th anniversary website here and Cotton Reboot official website here.

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