Debris Infinity Launches Tomorrow On Switch

Debris Infinity Launches Tomorrow On Switch

SVC Games’ arcade action game, Debris Infinity, is scheduled to launch this month on the Switch eShop.

The game will be available via Nintendo eShop on September 21 in North America and on September 25 in Europe.

Learn more about the game below.

The acclaimed arcade-action game Debris Infinity will be released on Nintendo Switch this Friday September 21st in Americas and on Tuesday September 25th in Europe and Australia. With it’s addicting gameplay, sharp graphics (720p in handheld mode, 1080p docked) and fun multiplayer modes it’s a perfect fit for the console.

Also the leaderboard integration adds replayability with all-time and weekly rankings and with the 60fps gameplay and slow-down mechanic even hardcore gamers will be satisfied with the experience.

About Debris Infinity:

Debris Infinity is an action packed game that puts your reflexes to the limit, allowing you to manipulate time itself to make impossible maneuvers, using an advanced scoring system to rank your performance.

With 3 different game modes, the player can change the experience and test his skills in different situations, either fighting against the clock in “Time Attack”, planning attacks in “Power Wave” or just trying to survive to reach the maximum score in “Normal Mode”.

There are also multiplayer modes, with cooperative matches where the players must act as pilot or gunner of the ship, making coordination between them a must. And an exciting Versus mode where enemies can be used as weapons or decoys to try to get the upper hand.

The game have an advanced scoring system that rewards not only the efficiency destroying enemies, but also piloting skills, avoiding hazards and managing positioning in the battlefield.