Detective Pikachu Game Sequel Reportedly Still In Development

Detective Pikachu Game Sequel Reportedly Still In Development

Way back in 2019, The Pokemon Company announced they were making a follow-up to the original Detective Pikachu game on the 3DS, planned to launch on the Nintendo Switch.

Since then however, there have been next to no updates about this supposed sequel, leaving many to wonder if it had been quietly scrapped. However, a new article published on Creatures Inc. website seems to suggest that the game is actually still being developed. For those who may not be aware, Creatures Inc. is one of the owners of The Pokemon Company alongside Nintendo and Gamefreak, as well as the developer behind the original Detective Pikachu game.

The article in question is an interview with one of Creatures Inc.’s programmers, credited as “K.T”. In the interview, K.T. mentions that he is the programmer in charge of drawing in “the sequel to ‘Detective Pikachu'”, and has been developing new mechanisms to help make game production at Creatures more efficient.

You can read the original paragraph below, along with a translation via Google:


I am in charge of programming around drawing in the project related to the sequel to “Detective Pikachu”, and at the Environment Development Office, I am creating a mechanism that will be the basis for future game production in general. If you liken a project to cooking, it’s our job to create a pressure cooker to complete it in a short time and deliciously. By developing a mechanism, we will automate various mechanisms while considering the cost-effectiveness of how many people’s work will be shortened by how many hours, so the harder you work, the more efficient your work will be.

Given that the above interview was published fairly recently, it is possible that an official update regarding the sequel could be coming very soon. Stay tuned for more information as it comes.

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