Dragalia Lost Developers Now Taking ‘Countermeasures’ Against Cheaters

Dragalia Lost Developers Now Taking ‘Countermeasures’ Against Cheaters

If you’ve been playing Dragalia Lost with illegal tools or methods, you may not escape unscathed for long.

On the official Dragalia Lost website, developers Cygames have issued a special notice about cheating in their game. It seems like the company has noticed some fishy activity from certain users, and are now taking action to stop them.

Check out the blurb below.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.

Since the release of the game, we’ve detected improper use from some players. Countermeasures are being employed to address this.

However, for the enjoyment of everyone playing the game by the terms of the User Agreement, players that use the app improperly may be banned from using the app and lose access to all their save data, including diamantium.

We ask all our players to abide by the User Agreement, including the Code of Conduct, as they continue to enjoy Dragalia Lost.


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