Dragalia Lost Devs Share Update Plans For February And Beyond

Dragalia Lost Devs Share Update Plans For February And Beyond

The developers of Dragalia Lost have published a new blog post detailing their plans for the game in the month of February.

The update shares details about the second half of the Monster Hunter Event, the return of the Valentine’s Event later this month, the next story chapter and more.

Check out the key highlights below, or read the full blog here.

  • Second half of the Monster Hunter Event will begin in the “near future”, will add one new Adventurer that is not a Sword or Lance wielder.
  • Valentine’s Confections event will return in mid-February with additional story and other content.
  • New Chimera Enemy will be added to Void Battles
  • Chapter 12 of the main story will be released in February
  • A new boss will be added to The Agito Uprising in late February.
  • Future Updates will add the following features:
    • Check strategy information for Dragon Trials and Advanced Dragon Trials in-game
    • Let players select whether they wish to receive the weekly bonus.
    • Fleshing out Solo-Play and making Co-Op easier to participate in.
    • Reductions to data size.
  • All players will receive the following gifts:
    • Eldwater x50,000
    • Champion’s Testament x2
    • Knight’s Testament x2
    • Gold Whetstone x50
    • Gold Crystal x300

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