Dragon Quest Walk Revealed For Mobile, Launching This Year In Japan

Dragon Quest Walk Revealed For Mobile, Launching This Year In Japan

On today’s special livestream, Square Enix has finally revealed its next Dragon Quest game for mobile devices!

The game, called Dragon Quest Walk, has been developed by Colopl and will be launching in Japan this 2019. It will be available for iOS and Android and works with Google Maps. In the game, you may fight the monsters you encounter and do quests, just as you would in the previous Dragon Quest games, however this time, while walking around yourself.

The Beta gameplay, limited to select Japanese prefectures, is scheduled to take off on June 11th with 10,000 players for iOS and 10,000 players for Android. No information has been shared yet if Dragon Quest Walk will be released globally.

Here’s the reveal trailer and first gameplay footage below:


What is Dragon Quest Walk?

Dragon Quest Walk is a location services-based game for smartphones. Become the protagonist and walk around the real world, which was become the world of Dragon Quest, to move forward on your adventure in an RPG like no Dragon Questbefore it.

Walk the fields and talk to the townspeople while moving forward on your quest. Battle against various monsters, grow, prepare your equipment, and even challenge formidable enemies…

The Dragon Quest that has appeared on game consoles in the past has finally made the leap to the real world. Now, set off on your adventure!


A story that develops as you walk. Everyday life becomes an adventure. Set your destination from nearby spots and set off.


Quests will occur at each landmark. Various landmarks will appear all over Japan.

My Room

Build your own room in the world of Dragon Quest. Decorate your room with the furniture and items you obtain on your adventure.

Gameplay (starts at 38:18 mark):