Dragon Quest: Your Story Now Available On Netflix

Dragon Quest: Your Story Now Available On Netflix

After months of waiting, western fans can finally catch Dragon Quest: Your Story from the comfort of their own homes!

Today marks the official release of the videogame film adaptation on streaming service Netflix. According to the official Netflix page, the movie features both English and Japanese audio – along with subtitle support for Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Here are more details below, straight from Square Enix:

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 13, 2020) –   SQUARE ENIX® announced today that the CG-animated feature-length movie DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY is now streaming on Netflix. Initially released in Japan in 2019 by Toho, the movie based on the wildly popular DRAGON QUEST™ video game series follows a young boy’s journey to save his mother from unimaginable evil.

Adapted from the storyline of DRAGON QUEST V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride®DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY tells the tale of Luca as he follows in his father’s footsteps to rescue his beloved mother from the evil grips of Ladja, a high-ranking member of an organization known as The Order of Zugzwang. Failure is not an option as Luca uses the power of magic while battling monsters in his search for the Zenithian sword and the Legendary Hero, his only hope for success. Supervised by the original DRAGON QUEST creator Yuji Horii, the movie runs one hour and 42 minutes.

Will you be catching the movie this week? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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