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Chibi-Robo's Developer Skip Possibly Shuttering Its Operations | NintendoSoup
Emerging Evidence Points To Chibi-Robo’s Developer Skip Possibly Shuttering Its Operations

Emerging Evidence Points To Chibi-Robo’s Developer Skip Possibly Shuttering Its Operations

Last year, Nintendo fans had to confront with the tragic bankruptcy and crumbling down of developer Alphadream – following sluggish sales of their later Mario & Luigi RPG titles on the ailing 3DS console. Well, the fate of Chibi-Robo developer Skip might be veering in a similar trajectory soon, according to some worrying changes that observers have noticed.

  1. First off, Skip’s official website (SkipTokyo.com) now shows off a ‘403 Error’ when accessed. It’s still possible to find the contents of Skip’s website via an IP address ( – but for all intents and purposes, Skip no longer has a public presence on the internet.

  2. Secondly, folks researching Skip’s physical location also discovered that their business placard was removed from the building where their office was located. Based on Google Street View, this placard removal could have occurred sometime in March 2020.

  3. Third and most concerning is Skip’s CEO Hiroshi Suzuki removing the company’s website from his Twitter bio. It bears noting that Suzuki-san also hasn’t made any tweets related to Chibi-Robo on this account ever since February 2018.

It bears noting that, unlike Alphadream, Skip hasn’t actually declared bankruptcy or any form of liquidation – so there’s still a glimmer of hope. Nevertheless, this concerning absence of the studio certainly looks a little dire for the tiny robot’s future.

We’ll report back if and when we hear of any new developments regarding Skip and Chibi-Robo. Stay tuned.

(A big thanks to One Controller Port for unearthing all of this information.)