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ck, yu, 8t, bgf, 2qa, k6q, joi, e, 4, Epic Games Has Leaked One Of Their Own Fortnite Skins By Accident | NintendoSoup
Epic Games Has Leaked One Of Their Own Fortnite Skins By Accident

Epic Games Has Leaked One Of Their Own Fortnite Skins By Accident

On the official Instagram account for Fortnite, Epic Games by mistake posted a look at a skin that isn’t even available for purchase in the game yet on their story!

Skins like this usually get datamined when a new update drops however this is a rare case of the actual game company leaking their own surprises by accident.

Check out the skin below:

Fortnite unleaked upcoming skin

They posted this along with what was available in the item shop that day so it is clear that this was an error or miscommunication from Epic Games end.

We have no name or rarity for this skin yet as it is not even in the games files yet so dataminers have not been able to see this skin or try it out but we will update you all once the skin is available in the item shop.


If we have any more information to share we will cover it here at Nintendo Soup so stay tuned for more!