Etika’s Mural Is Now A PokéStop In Pokémon GO

Etika’s Mural Is Now A PokéStop In Pokémon GO

Last year, Nintendo Switch fans all around the world mourned the unfortunate passing of YouTuber Etika (AKA Desmond Amofah) – with several folks even going the extra mile to commemorate his life with a beautiful mural in Brooklyn. Well, that mural and Etika have now been immortalized in an all-new way: in the world of Pokemon GO.

Recently, Niantic approved Etika’s mural as an official PokéStop in the mobile AR game. This is thanks in part to the contributions that fans made using Niantic’s Wayfarer app – with even YouTuber Reversal rallying thousands of his viewers to boost Etika’s mural as a popular pick.

The PokéStop itself even includes a nod to Etika’s catchphrase (‘JoyconBoyz’), as you can see below:

It’s hard to believe that eight months have passed since Etika’s untimely departure – but at least his fans and Pokemon GO players alike can continue to celebrate his life warmly.