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q6, h, 1n, qwe, poy, 75, Europe: Nintendo Now Sends You An Email When Wishlist Items Are On Sale | NintendoSoup
Europe: Nintendo Now Sends You An Email When Wishlist Items Are On Sale

Europe: Nintendo Now Sends You An Email When Wishlist Items Are On Sale

Good news for anyone who uses the wishlist feature on the UK eshop.

It has recently been discovered by some users on Reddit that they have started receiving emails from Nintendo letting them know that their wishlist items are on sale. These notifications seem quite handy for those who have many wanted games but do not have time to check the eshop regularly.

Unfortunately, this feature seems to be limited to the UK eshop only at the moment. Hopefully, we’ll see it implemented in the other regions soon!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.