Every Hidden Detail In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s Reveal Trailer

Every Hidden Detail In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s Reveal Trailer

Recently, The Pokemon Company officially announced Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for release on Nintendo Switch this Winter and has been met with much fan praise!

When re-watching the reveal trailer, many fans discovered some possible hidden references in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield that could have been intentional!

Check them out below:

.Each one of the Pokemon Gen 8 starters slightly resemble the Powerpuff Girls!

.The map of the Galar region closely resembles a map used in Game Of Thrones!

.A new swirl is featured on the Japanese logos of the game which could be referencing the new mechanics introduced!

.Trainer’s whirlpool featured on their uniform is spotted in the City!

.A stadium contains a Plant symbol on it which could mean that every Gym in previous entries has been replaced by stadiums in this latest entry!

.Extraterrestrial patterns and some Meltan appear on a field which could be related to legendary Pokemon!

.Every gym is located on the map!

.Two battlefields are also shown on the map! One near the hometown and one near the icon of the dragon!

.This character’s shirt contains the number “227” which is referring to the reveal date of the game “February 27th” also known of Pokemon day!

.Many closed off buildings are located on the map which has not happened before in Pokemon games!

.Dugtrio structure has been found on the map!

.New symbol for Pokemon stadiums are based off the Pokemon Championship logo!

.Areas on the map look smaller than they really are as see in this shot in the trailer!



If we have any more information to share we will cover it here at NintendoSoup so stay tuned for more!