Fan Mod Adds Ganondorf To Super Smash Bros. 64

Fan Mod Adds Ganondorf To Super Smash Bros. 64

Fans of the original Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64 have a new character to play around with in the game, thanks to the hard work of one dedicated modder.

The mod was developed for Smash 64 by modder JSsixtyfour, and switches out Captain Falcon for Ganondorf. However, this isn’t just a simple pallet swap, as Ganondorf has a completely different moveset based on his appearances in the later Smash Bros titles. JSsixtyfour hopes to one day be able to have Ganondorf as his own separate character instead of replacing Falcon, as well as expand the mod to include even more characters in the future.

Check out the mod in action below:

What do you think? What other characters from newer Smash Bros games would you like to see in this style? Let us know in the comments.