Kickstarter Launched For Soko Banana, A Brand New Puzzle Game For The NES

Kickstarter Launched For Soko Banana, A Brand New Puzzle Game For The NES

Last week, developer Flip For Fate launched a Kickstarter for a new 8-bit Puzzle Game for the NES: Soko Banana.

Much like Tobu Tobu Girl and Candelabra, Soko Banana is a brand new title being developed for retro hardware, in this case the good old NES. Its a relatively simple puzzle game where you push blocks and collect bananas, aiming to ” stay faithful to the old days of 8-bit games” while also being “fresh and rewarding, even in short bursts”.  The game is planned to be launched both digitally, as well as on actual NES carts which can be played with real hardware.

Check out its Kickstarter Trailer below, along with some additional details:

Built on the classic idea of Sokoban, Soko Banana introduces a bunch of new game elements to add to the challenge. You visit banana warehouses on different islands, and the main goal is to get all the banana crates to the exit, using the environment to your advantage while avoiding traps and enemies.

There are also 3 stray bananas scattered around each level…


  • A brand new game for the NES, playable on real hardware
  • Fun and challenging gameplay mechanics
  • 4 different islands – each one will have its own distinct feel, with unique graphics, music and environments
  • 10 regular and 2 bonus levels for each island (for a total of 48+ levels)
  • A bonus island

We feel that we’re creating a truly special little game with Soko Banana, and we hope it shows our love for the greatest 8-bit console of all times and our fondness of beautiful gameplay.

The developers are currently aiming to release the game sometime in March 2020. If you are interested and want to find out more, you can check out their Kickstarter page here.

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