Fans Try To Model Pokemon In 5 Minutes, Which Quickly Descends Into Meme Madness

Fans Try To Model Pokemon In 5 Minutes, Which Quickly Descends Into Meme Madness

Previously, Gamefreak’s Junichi Masuda revealed that only Galar Dex Pokemon would be transferable to Pokemon Sword & Shield – partly because it was too difficult to animate hundreds of Pokemon in 3D. While not all fans have been satisfied with this reasoning, many are now latching onto a bizarre yet hilarious trend to make light of the situation.

It all reportedly began when one Japanese user complained about Masuda’s explanation for excluding so many Pokemon. Namely, they argued that it should be possible for Gamefreak to create Pokemon models in as little as 5 minutes each.

“I am disappointed by the incompetence of Gamefreak. Can’t you make a Pokemon model in 5 minutes? It can be done in about 60 hours because it is 5 minutes × 800 Pokemon…”

Of course, 3D modelling work isn’t all that simple in reality.

To prove this point, many artists have started posting their own terrible attempts to render Pokemon – using the hashtag (“Pokemon 5-minute modelling”). The results have been nothing short of amazing, and has since spawned hundreds of viral posts showcasing misshapen creatures of all shapes and sizes. While some look closer to the real deal, others are just downright unrecognizable.

Check out some of the best (or worst) examples below.

While the absence of many Pokemon from the Galar Dex is still tragic, at least some Pokemon fans can still get a laugh out of it. Let’s hope things get a little brighter for the Pokemon community in the coming months before Pokemon Sword and Shield’s release.

In the meantime – which one of these terrible Pokemon models are your favorite? Feel free to talk about it and post some examples of your own in the comments section below!