FIFA 18 Switch features custom-built engine, runs on 60 fps

FIFA 18 Switch features custom-built engine, runs on 60 fps

During EA’s big event at Los Angeles yesterday, Eurogamer sat down with FIFA 18 producer Andrei Lazaresco to get more details on the Switch version of the game.

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Andrei confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version is using a custom-built engine built from scratch for Switch, which is completely different from PS4 and Xbox One and isn’t Frostbite. Players will be able to purchase packs via FIFA coins on Nintendo Switch too. On 60 fps, Andrei mentioned that it’s “100%” for players to fully enjoy the game.

On the lack of various modes such as The Journey, Andrei explains that as it is powered by Frostbite, they couldn’t bring it over to the custom-built engine. Comparing the Switch version to PS4 and Xbox One, he calls the Switch version “the best portable FIFA we ever did.” The Switch version will also come with an exclusive mode called “Local Seasons”, which is essentially local play between 2 different Nintendo Switch consoles.

Reaching parity for the Switch version isn’t out of the question, but from the technical point of view, “the platform is not on a par with the PS4 or the Xbox One. You can’t just take that [the PS4 version] and put it here [on Switch]. It doesn’t work like that. But, I get the question.”

Andrei believes at the end of the day, players will still enjoy the Nintendo Switch version due to its portable nature.