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Perler Beads Announced In Japan | NintendoSoup
Fire Type Pokemon mini nanoblock And Pokemon Perler Beads Announced In Japan

Fire Type Pokemon mini nanoblock And Pokemon Perler Beads Announced In Japan

Kawada, the company behind nanoblock, has announced two upcoming Pokemon products in Japan.

First up is the Fire Type Pokemon mini nanoblock, launching September 2020 in Japan. There are 6 different Pokemon (each retailing at 600 yen + 10% consumption tax) to collect in blind packs – Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Fennekin, Cyndaquil, Chimchar, and Tepig.

Next is Pokemon Perler Beads set, featuring beads for 13 Pokemon and Poke Ball. It will retail for 2980 yen + 10% consumption tax when it launches in September 2020.

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