French Company Goes Into Damage Control Over Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Leak

French Company Goes Into Damage Control Over Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Leak

Yesterday morning, the Internet went into hype overdrive after a photo of what appeared to be the final roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was leaked on the Internet.

To find out whether the leak was true, several members of the industry traced the origin of the leak to an artist called Eric Bricard, who worked at a printing company called ACP-PLV and Marina PLV. Some assumed the leak was from Marina PLV.

Marina-PLV has put out an official announcement on their Facebook page, claiming that Bricard is no longer working with the company since November 2016, and are “contacting all sites” to take down articles that claimed it’s the source of the leak. It is also considering taking legal actions.

Here is a translation of the post provided by PresidentWario of Smash Boards:

“Rumors of privacy leak on the latest version of the super smash bros game report a link to our company. All these rumors only support one idea, journalism is not limited to searching google.
Indeed, the person involved in this “rumor”, if so, is no longer present in our company since November 2016., which has not put its linkedin profile up to date, some wanted to make a rapprochement with The Marina workshops that cannot exist.
Namco is a company we have worked with and with which we want to work again, this is not the case currently for the launch of super smash bros ultimate. These rumours are therefore discrediting our widely recognized professionalism, particularly with regard to our confidentiality commitments.
We are now contacting all these sites and namco / Nintendo to remove this false information and evaluate the judicial suites to be given.
The Marina Team.”

What does this mean? The leak could very likely come from ACP PLV instead, rather than Marina PLV. We also discovered Eric Bricard has two LinkedIn accounts, which list the same education. So there’s still no way to completely prove that the leaked photos are 100% true or 100% false unless ACP PLV speaks up.

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