Furi On The Way To Switch In Early 2018

Furi On The Way To Switch In Early 2018

The Game Bakers have announced they will be bringing their one-on-one fighting game Furi to Nintendo Switch in early 2018.

Furi’s Switch port will include every single piece of content and improvement that was previously released on Steam.

Check out more details about Furi and a trailer below.

With its stylish aesthetic and unique character design – by Takashi Okazaki, Afro Samurai’s creator – and its killer soundtrack featuring popular electro musicians Carpenter Brut, Danger and more, the game is a love letter to Japanese action games such as No More HeroesMetal Gear Solidand Godhand.

“Furi is a game that’s constantly taunting you,” comments Emeric Thoa the game Creative Director. “There is something deeply personal about a boss fight: it’s just you against one opponent. And being interrupted is even more frustrating than losing. But with the Switch, you can take the game and all of its boss fights with you wherever you go.”